How to Achieve Your Dream

“What would you like to become when you grow older?”. It is a question that we have been asked ever since our childhood. Although at that time we may have answered easily, as we grow up, this question becomes very difficult to answer. Even if we have a dream, we get torn between either should I chase my dreams or should I play it “safe”. We question ourselves, our dreams, our passion, and our ambition. The fear of “What I fail?” stops us. It becomes challenging and almost scary sometimes to achieve our dreams as we have our every day responsibilities to fulfil. 

What if I told you that there is a way to achieve your dream? In this article, we will share with you a few ways to achieve your dreams: 

Dare to dream 

The first step to achieving a dream is to have a dream. Even if you feel lost, even if you think your dream isn’t big enough, it’s fine. The dream is about doing what you like and want. It’s about your interest; it’s not about what others will think. When you dare to dream, you are making a conscious effort to set goals and achieve them. Taking an active role in your life by being present and allowing yourself to experience things as they happen will help you to have a successful life. Be inspired by the things that make you happy. When you learn what fulfils you, you will automatically find something to believe in. 

Conquer your fears 

Never let fears stop you from doing what you want. Be curious and challenge yourself to fight the hurdles you might face while achieving your dreams. Be ready to embrace the unknown troubles that come your way. Yes, everyone has some degree of fear instilled within them, but the one who conquers them becomes the winners. 

Work hard 

To achieve big, hustle hard! Dreamers become achievers only with efforts and hard work. Even if your dream isn’t necessarily something big, don’t be shy about it. Work on it because it’s YOUR dream. On the other hand, if your dream is something that is seemingly beyond your capabilities even though it is a big dream, if you work hard enough, it can still be done. Remember, nothing is impossible as every big achievement began in the mind of a person. 

Be prepared for failure 

The road to success is a bumpy one. Success is definitely glamorous, but there is no denying on the path to achieving your dreams, you will face a lot of hurdles, troubles, and complications. This is part and parcel of life. Every successful person out there had their own ups and downs. It’s crucial to understand that disappointments, setbacks, and letdowns cannot be eliminated. Brace yourself and be prepared. 

Never give up 

Don’t let your dreams die until you die. Believe in your dream and work on it. If you are the one who doesn’t believe in it, how can you expect others to do the same? If you dared to dream, then believe it is possible and turn it into a reality. Try your best and give your hundred percent into making it happen. You might hear lots of laughs and bad comments along the way, but don’t let the negativity discourage you. 

Enjoy, inspire and start again 

When you have finally achieved your dream and be sure to enjoy it, you made it so reward yourself. Appreciate your efforts and hard work. But don’t get lost in your world of success, rather help others and inspire people to do what you did. Be generous and gracious. Another thing to do on this step is not to stop dreaming. Go back to step 1 and dream bigger and continue your journey. 

Yes, we all have our dreams, but not everyone possesses the strength, courage, and ability to achieve it. We encourage you to adopt a healthy, flexible mindset, work hard, learn new skills and knowledge, and make your dreams a reality. 

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