Guide on How To Work From Home Efficiently – COVID-19

We are all currently facing some strange times in our lives due to the unprecedented effects of the pandemic. As the COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, many countries are still under lockdown. To combat the virus, social distancing has been made mandatory, which resulted in many people to work from their homes.

Working from home, for some people could be a “dream come true”, or it could be a “nightmare” as some might find working from home, easy and hassle-free whereas, for some, they can’t get their work done. Either way, you still need to have a proper plan on how you can work from home and be productive and efficient as no one knows how long will this phase of Work From Home (WFH) last.

To help coming up with a proper plan, we thought why not put together an easy guide for all the people who are in work from home (WFH) situation.

So here’s what you need to do to get your work done.

Designate A Working Spot. 

Don’t think work from home means you can sit on your living room couch, sip your coffee and do the job. Either you live with your family or alone by yourself, designating a separate place to work from is the first and most important thing to get your work done efficiently.

Identify the ideal workspace where you can do your best work. Select the spot, which is the quietest place in your home. Having distractions can disrupt your level of productivity and can make you lose your focus to get in the groove and the flow of working. For better achievement, you need to recreate the environment where you are the most successful. So go ahead and choose a place to get your work done.

Preparation To Set Up The Workplace

To set up that space, you need to prepare a few things. Below are some tips to get it done.

  1. Choose the place with good background and lighting, so when you are on that zoom meeting, you and your space can still look professional.
  2. Get a desk to keep your working materials on and a very comfortable chair because you will be spending quite some time sitting on that chair.
  3. Make sure the area you chose has high-speed internet. Either you are working or attending meetings online, a poor internet connection will make things difficult for you.
  4. Get your computer or laptop positioned and wires sorted.
  5. “Do not disturb”. You don’t want your kids making an appearance in your online meeting, do you? If you live with your family, make sure to give them heads up that you are working, so they don’t disturb you while you are working.

Make A Plan

Create a proper schedule and avoid having vague plans. Make a detailed to-do list and put it on your desk or anywhere else from where it is visible to you. Making a schedule can help you manage the work quickly and do the tasks efficiently. All the work which was completed by the end of the day, you can cross it off from the list. This not only helps with handling the workload better but also enables you to keep track of the things which you have achieved so far.

Time Management

As much as your work is essential, making time for yourself and your family is equally important. One of the most significant disadvantages of work from home is that people don’t make the separation between their working hours and non-working hours. It is very easy to sit on your desk, hours and hours working without taking a break. As we all are stuck at home, consuming yourself with work all the time would not be the best thing to do. It could also take a toll on your health. Learn how to divide and manage your time correctly, so you know when you need to stop.

Everyone is adjusting to this new lifestyle, and it’s not easy. Remember, success only comes to those who can get through any challenges. Striving and surviving will make you reach where you wish to be.

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