5 Reasons Why Child Care Is A Great Career Choice

Child care industry in Australia is booming. The demand and opportunities for childcare educators are continuing to grow more than ever before in Australia. We have narrowed it down to 5 reasons why you should consider getting into this career.

Rewarding Job as a Child Care Educator 

When it comes to amazing, fulfilling, and rewarding careers, working in daycare is the best option for you. The happiness and joy it brings are endless. There is no better feeling than seeing children’s smiles, and their faces glow up every time they learn something from you. You have the chance to make a difference in those little and young one’s lives as these are the formative years of development of them. As children grow and flourish under your care, you become their influencer and inspiration. Working in this field gives you an excellent opportunity to mould and shape these children. And also help them become a better future for our world. 

Steady Income 

Getting qualified is the first step in embarking your journey in this childcare industry. Once qualified, you can work as an early childcare educator, playgroup supervisor, family daycare worker or, centre director. The average child care/daycare worker hourly pay in Australia is around $25.00 to $40.00. There are many career opportunities in this industry, and this is the best career option for those who have children of their own. They can earn extra income for themselves and their families.

Flexible Working Hours 

Typically, a childcare worker works for 37 hours on average, whereas managers work for around 41.6 hours. These are flexible working hours, and you can choose when you want to work according to the selected position and time slots available. So, if you have kids and you want to work in this field, you can fit into part-time childcare roles such as a playschool assistant or family daycare educator.

Well sought-after career 

As the demand for qualified childcare workers is notably increasing, doing a course in childcare will help you get on the right track in this industry. The qualification becomes substantial proof of proficiency in this field. By taking the course, you are able to gain the necessary skills and knowledge, which is required to become an appropriate candidate for the employers in this industry. 

Future career opportunities 

Being in the childcare industry, there are many options for career growth. You can work your way up to Uni to become an ECT (Early Childhood Teacher), as well. You can also choose to become a Room Leader/Supervisor, Childcare Centre Director, Educational leader, or ECEC Trainers. 

If one receives a nationally recognized qualification from an institute, the chances of them being considered for more significant tasks and higher positions in the industry can increase considerably. So, what are you waiting for? Enrol in our child care course now, get qualified and become part of a growing sector that has excellent job prospects. 

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