Leadership & Management

Acquire leadership skills, learn about leadership strategies & theories, and become more self-confident. Leadership and management courses offer resources for both new and seasoned leaders to become more adept at developing employees, inspiring and guiding teams.


Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

This certification serves to define the role that is played by individuals who currently work as managers and emerging leaders in an array of industries and enterprises. In addition to being responsible performers, charismatic individuals at this level assume the role of an able leader and provide support and guidance to others. Such leaders are also responsible for keenly observing and organising the output of the team.


Diploma of Leadership and Management

This diploma applies to persons who utilize their practical expertise, subject knowledge, and years of experience acquired in roles of management and leadership in a variety of situations in an industry and enterprise. At this level, individuals evince interest, take initiative, and make judgements in devising plans, organising, executing, and also monitoring, not just their own workload, but also the workload of others in their team.

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This industry-focused course will train you with the requisite skills and knowledge that will enable to work in the capacity of a supervisor as well as a manager in many sectors. Our graduates find coveted positions in businesses, non-profit ventures, government departments, and many other industries.

Career Outcomes

Job titles include: branch manager, business manager, department manager, retail manager, store manager, team leader.

Entry Requirement

This is an open entry course with no pre-requisite qualifications. Study Distance or Classroom based training.

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