BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management​

This diploma applies to persons who utilize their practical expertise, subject knowledge, and years of experience acquired in roles of management and leadership in a variety of situations in an industry and enterprise.At this level, individuals evince interest, take initiative, and make judgements in devising plans, organising, executing, and also monitoring, not just their own workload, but also the workload of others in their team.

These persons are adept at using their skills of effective communication to assist another person or other teams to achieve the goals of the enterprise or the organization. Such individuals are involved in the planning, designing, applying, and evaluating phases of finding solutions to unpredictable problems that arise. They also recognize, scrutinize, and then synthesise information from several different sources.

This diploma course in leadership and management is specially designed for those individuals who have significant experience and expertise in a vocational area or an industry. You may already be following a career path to becoming a manager or you may already be supervising staff.

Please Note: This course is recommended only for those candidates who have substantial experience in the workplace and possess at least two years of experience in holding responsible positions that required managerial and leadership skills

Course Duration

Students have 12 months to complete this qualification. This course is a self-paced distance learning training course. We would expect that you will spend at least 16 study hours per week. During this period students shall be reading, conducting research, performing assessments and managing feedback.

It is expected that on average, students will have the following study load to complete this course:

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