BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

This certification serves to define the role that is played by individuals who currently work as managers and emerging leaders in an array of industries and enterprises.

In addition to being responsible performers, charismatic individuals at this level assume the role of an able leader and provide support and guidance to others. Such leaders are also responsible for keenly observing and organising the output of the team.

These leaders are liable to analyse and gauge the information from multiple sources and apply solutions to a demarcated range of problems, both unpredictable and predictable.

Course Duration

Students have 9 months to complete this qualification. This course is a self-paced distance learning training course. We would expect that you will spend at least 15 study hours per week. During this period students shall be reading, conducting research, performing assessments and managing feedback.

It is expected that on average, students will have the following study load to complete this course:

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