FNS40815 Finance and Mortgage Broking

Certificate IV (FNS40815) in Finance and Mortgage Broking is intended and is ideal for novice brokers in the mortgage broking industry. This qualification is also well-suited for those individuals who are already practicing services in mortgage broking and are seeking to get qualified formally in order to meet the requirements of education as is outlined in ASIC’s 206. The certification defines the job roles of persons who work in the realm of finance broking and mortgage broking. They solve a specific range of problems that are unpredictable. They also examine and estimate information from multiple sources. They may give guidance to others and may have partial responsibility for the performance of others.

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Course Duration

Students have 9 months to complete this qualification. This course is a self-paced distance learning training course. We would expect that you will spend at least 15 study hours per week. During this period students shall be reading, conducting research, performing assessments and managing feedback.

It is expected that on average, students will have the following study load to complete this course:

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