Coffee making is an

Barista Basics

G’day Y’all, it isn’t a good day for Australians until they had a taste of a good coffee.

Australia runs on coffee, and baristas are the drivers. Coffee making is a skill that is highly desirable and employable, but it’s not as simple as you think.

A lot goes into making a great coffee that people crave, and a great coffee and barista is what makes or breaks any cafe in Australia.

We show you how to master the “rewarded” art of coffee making, we tell you the correct dose, temp and angles to extract that delicious tasting beverage that switches on people’s mind.

You will learn to texture milk to create all the popular drinks on today’s coffee espresso menu including the caffe latte, flat white, cappuccino, and macchiato.

What more? Unlimited coffee beans, if you’re a coffee lover this is your one day heaven and we promise you walk out mastering an art for lifetime.

You will learn from one of the best in the industry Ricki T, with extensive insight in Melbourne Coffee Culture and his commitment to making delicious coffee.

We would say one of the best parts is you get to taste his coffee and learn how to do it yourself.

  •  Learn how to operate a commercial espresso machine and coffee grinder
  •  Introduction to different type of beans
  •  Difference of Arabica and Robusta
  •  Basic milk frothing
  •  From the farm to the cup
  • Practical skills of making coffee from extraction.

There are no prerequisites or requirements to join this barista course.

We recommend this barista course if:

  • • You have little to no experience making coffee
    • You’re looking to find a job as a barista
    • You make coffee at home and would like to learn proper coffee making techniques
    • Coffee enthusiasts and home baristas
    • You’ve made coffee before but would like to learn proper techniques

Roughly 95% of all coffee shops and cafes are independently owned with professionally trained baristas working their magic on perfectly made and served brews. The quality of coffee and the barista culture in Australian Capital Cities are so advanced that ordering a coffee is a true experience. Aussies have their expectations and if they’re met, you will get a quick nod, their seal of approval. If, however they’re not met, you definitely won’t hear the end of it!

The love of coffee is strong in Australia, with more than one in four (27%) indicating they cannot survive the day without it, and 9 in 10 (88%) stating they like it to some extent.

Australia’s younger generations have a greater dependency on coffee, with around a third needing it to survive the day (33% Gen Y and 30% Gen X). By comparison the Builders generation are the most likely to see coffee as something nice to have but don’t need it (45%).

We also don’t mind paying for what we love, with more than four in five Australians (84%) spending money on coffee in an average week.

the coffee industry will employ well over 96,000 employees by the end of 2020

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