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Agent’s Representative Course in Real Estate

If you are looking for a financially rewarding career with great potential, a career in real estate sales or property management in Victoria may be the answer.

The first step in establishing a real estate career is to become an agent’s representative. An agent’s representative can perform a variety of real estate roles under the supervision of a licensed estate agent, he is truly a representative of the business.

This course enable you to work as a a real estate salesperson or property manager.a stepping stone towards the broader horizon of the real estate industry which is full of potential and growth.

Once employed as an agent’s representative, career pathways are available to further improve your job prospects..

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Course Duration

Students have 4 months to complete this qualification. During this period students shall be reading, conducting research, performing assessments and managing feedback.

It is expected that on average, students will have the following study load to complete this course:

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